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In case you’ve read my (numerous!) Articles online, you may think bonds are. Though this is correct, I do have thoughts on other subjects and this is one that has me worried: Cyber Security.

The threats are all around us: Phishing, hacking, denial of service attacks, raccoon removal service, identity theft, viruses and credit card fraud. It is clear that the bad guys won’t ever let up, never stop looking for ways to take advantage of people – unless we do something dramatic to thwart them forever.

So here they are, options that are inexpensive or FREE! That will help protect you, your privacy and your resources.

Protect Your Data

What if they lose your data, sell it or they get hacked?! Here is a solution that will secure your passwords, account numbers and other valuable information, prevent all email and web scams and ensure that you have complete access to all of your info, all the time.

This solution is portable and permanent, and the total cost is (you are gonna love this): $1.79 at Staples.

This security solution is called a”Pocket Notepad.” Here’s how it works.

You write down all your important stuff, then you set the notepad.

THAT’S IT! When you go fishing no hacking, no phishing, and you can take it with you. Totally portable!

Credit Card Fraud

So many ways for thieves to get your info. They use skimmers to read your information. There is malware, web picking and scams through your trash.

Here is a security solution that will prevent all unauthorized use of you credit / debit cards – and this one is Free! This solution is known as”Cash.”

Cash is coins and paper money . You can use it to purchase anything, and it’s accepted everywhere. Pay with Cash and never worry about unauthorized access to your account.


Your data is gathered by facebook and other social networking platforms – what? There is no way to predict who misuse it and might have access.

Our closing security solution is another one that is totally free! This will protect your data on the internet from abuse or attack. You will still have the ability to pursue new relationships as you do to your social media and keep friendships that are current.

In fact, this solution goes much farther! It enables an enhanced level of communication where you not can see the person in real time, and really touch them! It’s called”Talking.” You talk to the individual, they answer you and (get this) they are right in the room with you!!! Insane!

This is actually a concept that’s been used for thousands of years.

So there you have three great inexpensive solutions to the cyber threats we face, them. Technology might be the problem’s source, but it is not the cure. With this article, we invite you to consider these:

You might not find the solution to every problem in your cell phone. I admit they are cool and do a lot – more daily. Try giving it a chance.
You believe all Bond People are boring? We love to use creativity and our wisdom to solve bonding issues. When you call having a bid or performance bond up to $10 million, our greatest joy is to be the solution you were looking for. Keep this number in your new $1.79 Notepad: 856-304-7348.
Steve Golia is the National Surety Director for Great Midwest Insurance Company, an A-8 carrier specializing in contract surety.

The company supplies creativity and speed to Performance and Payment Bonds, up to $10 million per contract.

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